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Historic Pembroke

Filmed May 27, 2013

Pembroke Memorial Day Parade 2013

New from is this 7-minute video of the entire 2013 Memorial Day Parade which started  at 1pm at The Lucky Dog restaurant on Mattakeesett Street, and ended with ceremonies in the Veterans' Park in front of The First Church. Pembroke Community Media had three crews of volunteers filming, and three editors volunteering that day, so stay tuned for more parade releases.


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Brownies in the Memorial Day Parade

Watch just the Brownies of Pembroke, Massachusetts marching in the Town's annual Memorial Day Parade which started at The Lucky Dawg restaurant on Mattakeesett Street and finished on the veterans' green in front of The First Church.

Pembroke High School Marching Band in the Memorial Day Parade

On May 27, 2013 the Pembroke High School Marching Band played front-and-center the Town's annual Memorial Day Parade.  This musical group comprised of performers from grades 9 through 12, just returned 3 days previously from a trophy-winning, 17-hour trip to a "Music In The Parks" competition at Holyoke High School  in Agawam, Massachusetts.

Boy Scouts Marching in the Memorial Day Parade in Pembroke, Massachusetts 2013

Boy Scout Pack 105 is featured marching in the 2013 Pembroke, Massachusetts annual Memorial Day Parade. The event started at 1 PM  at the Lucky Dog Restaurant on Route 14 which is Mattakeesett Street, then turned north onto Center Street before ending with ceremonies at the Veterans' Park in front of The First Church.

Published on May 5, 2012
Be a guest of famed Pembroke, Massachusetts historian and resident, Ms Elizabeth Bates on this tour of the historic, first period, 1706 Friends'

Meeting House in Plymouth County.

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Reintroduced  Sep 28, 2012
This moving and unique video captures a time in Pembroke's past never before seen on the internet. Actual 1920s moving film footage is included.
Town father and historian Everett Reed provides the history of Pembroke, Massachusetts's Bryantville neighborhood named for Martin Bryant who was born in May of 1797 and moved to Pembroke in 1830 where he opened a general store on the corner of Union and Main. See old photographs and 1920's movies as you enjoy this rare piece of Pembroke history brought to you by beloved Town Elder Everett Reed who himself has since passed away. This piece can be something of a tear-jerker, so have your tissues ready.

Filmed Oct 14, 2012
On Sunday, October 14, 2012, the First Church in Pembroke hosted a church history discussion led by noted historian, Dr. Peggy Bendroth, Executive Director of The Congregational Library in Boston.

Get This DVD Now!

Get This DVD Now!

Recorded April 2012
Two gentleman friends, Ed and Brooks, share an oral history of their lives and times in Pembroke, Massachusetts. These accomplished pillars of the town at the time this was filmed in April 2012, were key members of the Historic Society, and  actively involved in multiple literary endeavors. This episode of "Old Men Talking" is filmed in the late Brooks Kelly's home which is a veritable riot of his humorous wall art and cartoons. See a framed, first annual Pembroke Arts Festival poster. Brooks had the original because he created the event!

Recorded April, 2012
Who stole the police chief's car years ago during a celebration in Pembroke Center and hid it in the chief's own garage? Why did a woman call for help in the 1980's when she saw the newly-hired police chief knocking on the door? These and other Pembroke, Massachusetts curiosities humorously are recounted by former Newspaper man and current book author, Ed Quill, and the late comedic author and artist Brooks Kelly.

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Get This DVD Now!

Reintroduced  Sep 30, 2012
Pembroke, Massachusetts' incorporation in 1712 is celebrated with this 275th Anniversary parade down Mattakeesett Street filmed and produced in 1987 by Eugene Tanderes who lived on Raymond Avenue at the start of the route. Be entertained by horses, emergency vehicles, and our own high school marching band complete with black top hats. Have fun comparing this parade to the current 300th anniversary parade from September 23rd, 2012. Interestingly enough, the same Pembroke Community Media Center volunteers who filmed, edited and produced the 300th parade, did the same for the 275th. as volunteers back then. In fact, Eugene's wife Louise who helped create this 1987 recording, at age 89 rode in the Pembroke Community Media Center convertible in the 2012 parade celebrating Pembroke's 300th anniversary.

Reintroduced  Sep 28, 2012
The Pembroke, Massachusetts Time Capsule was buried during the 1889 dedication of the Civil War Monument. 102 years later in 1991 after intensive research, the members of The Town Memorial Committee looked for and found the capsule. This program is a visual documentation of that most historic search and recovery. Join Town Elder Everett Reed on this exciting twist-and-turn adventure in multiple Pembroke soil locations.

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Get This DVD Now!

Reintroduced Sep 28, 2012
Owned by the Town of Pembroke, Massachusetts, First Church's bell tower clock has a rich and colorful history. The bell itself predated the clock. The clock takes about 65 weekly cranks to get the weight from the bottom to the top, and the time is adjusted every two weeks since time is lost during winding. Come with us up three flights of stairs, up two ladders, and through a hatchway to the top where the 1837 gem is housed.

Published on Jan 26, 2013

Did your student graduate from Pembroke High School in 2012?
You can still watch this event filmed and resurrected by Pembroke Community Media Center volunteers.

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Get This DVD Now!

Published on Sep 28, 2012
On a 55 degree, sunny October 10th day in 1998, our trip follows the North River current upstream from the Union Bridge, through Pembroke's Job's Landing, through the Brick Kiln Yard, and under the Washington Street Bridge. Under the Washington Bridge the current somehow turned the canoe around sending it  backwards. "Never go towards the ocean in a canoe," Mr Reed advises.

This upstream 2-hour 20-minute trip is condensed  to make you feel as if you too were in the canoe listening to oars cut through splashing water during a guided tour.
Near the end of the show Everett presents pictures of ships from years past. The 170-ton Bedford was the first ship to take the American flag into a British foreign port after the Revolution. Interestingly enough, that was the first time the British saw an American flag, so they did not recognize it as coming from America.
In 1782 the Maria was built on the North River and remained sea-worthy for 95 years.
This is a must-see video for US history buffs and North river lovers alike.

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