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Tree Lighting @ The First Church Pembroke - Published Dec 9, 2013


The ever-popular annual tree lighting ceremony at the First Church in Pembroke, Massachusetts was held Sunday evening December 8, 2013 at 6pm, followed by cookies, cupcakes, sweet breads, and warm drinks served in Fellowship Hall. 

Deacon Bob Kopper began by explaining, "What we're going to do is say a few words, then Pastor Rick [Giragosian] will say a prayer. We'll read the names and then we'll go out and actually light the tree. Pastor Rick will say a short prayer out there, and then we come in and get our reward of goodies and hot chocolate."

Loved ones not in attendance were remembered with both certificates and their names said aloud.

"Now we're at 1,125 lights," Deacon Rich Mielke explained about the number of glowing bulbs, " and it looks good." 

The 3 ½-minute video now playing at shows people standing in a circle just before the multi-colored lights are turned on and a resounding "Ahhhh" fills the air.

Giragosian led the ceremony with "As we remember this lovely green tree, we remember the lives of those people [whose names] we read out loud, some gone and some with us still, but their lives either way are ever-green in our hearts. Their memory and their presence still as strong with us, and will always be strong with us. So we bless you for this reminder that love never ends. That it transcends death. They are a part of us forever. Amen."


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Published April 6, 2013

Spend a pleasing 2 minutes with Robert Roy III and his fellow parishioners by watching this feel-good video filmed at the First Church in Pembroke, Massachusetts January 20, 2013.  Hear music, a joke, a compliment, and an inspirational word from Pastor Rick Giragosian.   See smiles, flowers, the choir, and people being nice to each other.

Published on Feb 4, 2012
Share smiles and get acquainted at the First Church in Pembroke, Massachusetts the 2nd Sunday after Christmas during this quick 3 minute, 20 second presentation.


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Published on Dec 18, 2012
Wreathes, candles, and singing galore: Christmas is only 9 days away.

Published on Jan 8, 2013
Daniel Lewis's gravestone faces the pulpit of The 1st Church in Pembroke because, as the story goes, the first minister wanted to keep an eye on things.
Following the inside portion of this December 9, 2012 church service, parishioners pay an outside visit to the adjacent graveyard for a brief ceremony that includes prayer, reading, singing, and examination of the marker.
7-year-old Ryan Ventura helped film this historic event honoring Pembroke's first minister from 300 years ago.

Published on Dec 26, 2012
The First Church's 2012 Christmas Eve celebration, 7:30pm on December 24th, 2012.

It's been 300 years since Pembroke incorporated and separated from the neighboring town of Duxbury.

Published on Dec 9, 2012
A Christmas season tree lighting ceremony is an annual tradition at the First Church in Pembroke. Follow the congregation outside in the dark to see and hear how it's done. Hint: Bring a flashlight.

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Published on Nov 24, 2012
Look at old photos of The First Church in Pembroke, Massachusetts while listening to Pastor Rick Giragosian's welcome.

Published on Nov 25, 2012
For what are you thankful? For good things? For the absence of bad?
The First Church in Pembroke, Massachusetts held a Thanksgiving Eve service at which members expounded upon their personal thoughts of gratitude, while others played and sung lovely music.
You will enjoy this quick and to-the-point affirmation of faith in God's gifts.

Published on Dec 3, 2012
Excerpts from the First Church in Pembroke on "Christ The King" Sunday, November 25, 2012. Come inside for a few minutes.

Published on Dec 6, 2012
"Even more important than monetary contributions, is the time and caring that we give to one another," announces a parishioner during "The Deacon Moment."
This service is chock full of such thoughtful moments. Beginning with shoes and boots donated to comfort the feet of Boston's needy, Pastor Giragosian assisting a young girl lighting the candle on the alter, and a mother cradling her restless child; not a moment passes that we don't view some example of caring within the congregation itself.
It's "Barefoot Sunday" at the First Church in Pembroke, Massachusetts.

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Published on Oct 31, 2012
Welcome to the First Church in Pembroke's Sunday service.
'Ever wish you could participate in a full church service in half the time? This condensed upbeat and reverent version of Sunday Service at The First Church in Pembroke is for you.
We begin with Choir members singing while walking up the aisle to their seats. Then it's Pastor Richard Giragosian's turn to wish us a "Good morning. Please join in the Call to Worship."
As Pastor Rick speaks, you can read his positive words written across the screen. "God accepts us, and fills us with the holy spirit."

Published on Nov 20, 2012
"The less selfish we are, the more we prosper" is the theme of this November 18th Sunday Service at The First Church in Pembroke, Massachusetts.

Published on Nov 18, 2012
This Sunday Service at The First Church in Pembroke, Massachusetts will give you answers to 3 very important queries:
Is it really easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to go to heaven?
Who gets a surprise birthday cake and song in the middle of this service?
Who takes over if the alter boy and girl don't return to extinguish the candles?

Published on Nov 10, 2012
How did Jesus turn 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish into a satisfying meal for over 5 thousand men AND their women and children?
This Sunday Service has the real, practical answer.
In addition to the usual prayers and singing, there is a skit about giving.

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Published on Oct 24, 2012
Pets are blessed at the 300-year-old First Church in Pembroke, Massachusetts by Pastor Rick Giragosian who says "may you and the people who love you enjoy life together, and may you always find joy in the God who created you, Amen."

Pembroke Assembly of God

Published on Oct 22, 2012
Home Chapel - Building God's Community - August 26, 2012.
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