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McCue Well Drilling

Pembroke Community Videos

The Pembroke food pantry needs supplies for the over 175 families it serves.  Unpaid volunteers run the operation in the north end of the Community Center next to where the TV studio was, and no funding comes from the Town. 


Since those doors are usually locked, non-perishable food donations are accepted 24-hours/day at the fire station in Pembroke Center. 

Other drop off sites include Pembroke Assembly of God on Route 53, 1st Church across from the Town Green, the post office, and the town hall. Both Pembroke Stop & Shops have boxes for donations too.

You can go food shopping and drop off items on your way out of the store. 

Checks are welcome, and can be earmarked for specific purposes. Just attach a note, or write your conditions in the lower left corner. 

Pembroke Media knows of one woman who consistently donates money intended for pet food purchases only. "Kitties need to eat too," she's been known to say. When the TV station was open, people came in and out of the building all the time.  Food donations could be made, and the doors were open.Now with locked doors, reduced traffic, and no town funding, the food pantry has suffered a marked drop in donations. 


This video was made by Pembroke Media volunteer John Mattinson.


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Ever been inside or on top of a real water tower?


Brave Pembroke Media volunteers provide daring footage for this video about the Pudding Hill water tower dismantling project happening right now in Marshfield, Massachusetts.



The 125-ft structure was built in 1928 with a 600,000 gallon capacity tank. Each foot of height made .43 pound-per-square-inch(psi)of pressure during the tank's 85 years of service.



"This is the final phase of a project that has been on-going for years," said water department superintendent John Patch. "The old tank was deteriorating." 



Four men from Costello Dismantling Company of West Wareham are doing the work: John Cunningham, Shawn Clouton, Carlos M Umama, and Ivan Vasquez. They are in the video wearing hardhats.



While a nearby replacement tank made by Phoenix Fabricators of Avon, Indiana stands 30 feet lower, the increased 1,000,000 gallon capacity should compensate for psi loss from reduced height. The new structure began service last month.



Marshfield has 15 wells within its borders, and also supplies water to Pembroke, Scituate, and Duxbury.

The Orpheus choral group is holding their annual summer concert August 16, 7:30 pm at the Mayflower Congregational Church, 207 Main Street, Kingston, Massachusetts. Grab your sweetheart and take advantage of this wholesome Friday night entertainment either before or after dinner. Tickets are $7.

Lie in Annual Town Report
If a vote doesn't go your way, just lie and say it did.
When the people of Pembroke, Massachusetts voted to get rid of PACTV, the selectmen were opposed.  So instead of recording the vote as "Yes," town officials recorded the vote as "no action."

If you can't change peoples' vote, simply lie in the Annual Report.

Watch this video for actual, irrefutable video coverage captured by a 16-yr-old observer at that November 2012 meeting.

Community Service Hours in Pembroke, MA
Pembroke Media Offers Free Community Service Credits

It's free, there are no tuition fees, and all ages are welcome.  This is a reminder that students volunteering at Pembroke Community Media Center earn community service credit hours toward the 40-hour Pembroke High School graduation requirement.  Take advan-tage of this opportunity to spend quality time with us, learn real-world skills at no cost, and get a signed form to bring the next day to your guidance counselor. You'll be amazed at how fast those complimentary hours pile up when you're having fun. We are the moms, dads and children of Pembroke.  

Call us at 781-910-8899 for more information

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Pembroke Seniors Left in the Cold 2-8-2013

Pembroke 300th Anniversary Events


Pembroke 300th - Commemorative Brick Walkway
Pembroke 300th - Civil War Encampment
Pembroke 300th - Tastes of 1712, an Anniversary Dinner at The First Church in Pembroke
Pembroke 300th - Aviation Weekend
Pembroke 300th - Aviation Weekend Helicopter Ride
Pembroke 300th - Police Night Out
Pembroke 300th - Treasure Hunt
Pembroke 300th - Birthday Party
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Pembroke 300th - Parade

Historic Pembroke

Pembroke High School Class of 2012, Graduation

A History Discussion at the First Church in Pembroke, 10-14-2012
Old Men Talking/ An Oral History of Pembroke 4-9-2012, with Ed Quill and the Late Brooks Kelly
Old Men Talking/ An Oral History of Pembroke 4-5-2012, with Ed Quill and the Late Brooks Kelly
Everett Reed's "Bryantville"
Pembroke's 275th Anniversary Parade, filmed by the Late Eugene Tanderes
The Search for Pembroke's Time Capsule - Lost and Found
The Historical Clock Tower in Pembroke
Quaker Meeting House, a Tour with Historian Libby Bates
Canoeing the North River, with Host Everett G. Reed,1998

Public Services Announcements

Pembroke Cub Scout Pack 105 Den 3 11-29-2012
Anthony T. O'Brien, Plymouth County Commissioner, 10-23-2012

Girl Scout Cadette Troop 75260, Positive Media Project 9-28-2012


Color Your World with Connie Michaels

Guest Speaker Rodney Kornegay - Financial Services Professional, Better Earlier than Late - November

Guest Speaker Gerry Pearle - September 2012
The Human Element of People

Elder Savvy

Mary Willis and Attorney Patricia Stewart Discuss Legalization of Lethal-Dose Prescriptions - 10-26-2012

Expressions in Painting with Paul Crimi

December 2012 Show

November 2012 Show
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First Church Pembroke

Christmas Eve Services at the First Church in Pembroke 12-24-2012

Sunday Services at the First Church in Pembroke 12-16 -2012

Sunday Services at The First Church in Pembroke 12-2-2012
Christmas Tree Lighting at The First Church in Pembroke 12-02-2012
Thanksgiving Eve at The First Church in Pembroke 11-25-2012
Welcome to the First Church in Pembroke, Massachusetts 11-24-2012
Sunday Service at The First Church in Pembroke, 11-18-2012
Sunday Service at The First Church in Pembroke, 11-11-2012
Sunday Service at The First Church in Pembroke, 10-28-2012
A Pet Blessing at The First Church in Pembroke, Massachusetts 10-21-2012

Pembroke Assembly of God

Home Chapel - Building God's Community - 8-26-2012

South Coastal Hockey

Stingers vs. the Sharks - 10-21-2012
Saints vs. the Crusaders - 10-7-2012
Rangers vs. the Maple Leafs - 9-30-2012
Toros vs. Crusaders - 9-23-2012
Rangers vs. the Bruins - 9-16-2012
Whalers vs. the Saints - 9-9-2012


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Around Town

Really Cold People Go in Really cold Water - 1-1-2013

Louise's 90th Birthday Party at the Pembroke Public Library on 12-2-2012
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Louise Keeps Having Birthday Parties!  11-1-2012
Mr. Robert Ryerson of Pembroke Receives Presidential Award  9-27-2012
What happened to Pembroke's Public Access TV Studio?
Save Pembroke's Public Access

The Pulse of Pembroke

Volunteer Offerings

Loretta and Leroy: A Sad and Twisted Tale

A Terrible Play

How was your Date? by Neldini Films

The Juniper Tree

The Untold Massacre of Salt Lake Creek Trailer

Scream Parody

Laura McCue's Comedy Show

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