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Published on June 25, 2013


The hundreds of Pembroke Community Media volunteers were a cohesive group long before it became an official organization June 1, 2012.  CLICK HERE for the Year-In-Re


This “new” group is not new at all.


Pembroke Community Media movers and shakers are the same interested parties, businesses,  sports teams,  moms,  dads,  students,  children, scouting groups, civic clubs, and others who frequented the now-dismantled TV studio in Pembroke Center.


Until June 2012, Pembroke's Public, Educational, and Government local access television channels were dedicated solely to local issues.


There were no fees.


There was free access to freedom of speech for all Town residents and groups.


Pembroke was in the elite, upper 5% of Commonwealth of Massachusetts Towns with a fully-upgraded, digital facility. 


The Cannes Film Festival in France over recent years accepted not one, but two productions from two separate and unrelated groups of Pembroke residents trained at the station.


One Presidential Candidate, one Senator, and three State Representatives positively recognized and participated in public service videos created by Pembroke Media Broadcast volunteers in 2010 and 2011.



A CRUSHING BLOW came in June 2012 when selectmen donated 100% of Pembroke's media equipment to a non-profit, Plymouth corporation.  They dismantled and closed the Community Center studio, and sanctioned an immediate out-of-town transfer of all current and future cable-tagged funding.


Selectmen gave away Pembroke's TV studio, money, and equipment.


 Bill Boulter was both a selectman and Pembroke Media Board member. 


Pembroke channels 13, 14, and 15 no longer belonged to Pembroke, and people were asking:





As a community we wanted to continue filming and showing Pembroke events.


So, using privately-acquired equipment and on-location sets,  we did just that.  Continue.


Pembroke Community Media is now a nationally recognized IRS tax exempt 501(c)(3) entity with Commonwealth of Massachusetts non-profit status. 


The Guidestar Gold Seal was bestowed in November 2012.


In just one year, Pembroke Community Media has become a revered South Shore media mover and shaker, giving present and future volunteers and sponsors good reason to feel proud of their accomplishments and community.


Here at Pembroke Community Media, free speech truly is free.


Where Are the Shows Previously on Channels 13, 14, and 15?


Shows previously on Comcast channels 13, 14, and 15 now play at


Each and every 2012-2013 Titans football game was filmed, edited, and distributed.


Each and every 2012-2013 Titans girls' field hockey game was filmed, edited, and distributed.


Each and every 2012-2013 Titans ice hockey game was filmed and promoted.


Titan’s boys' hockey was filmed.


We caught both girls and boys basketball games.


Girls' volleyball was shown.


We brought you swim meets and made an end-of-year motivational video for the team to watch the night before finals.


Gymnastics was replayed.


Community announcements stayed alive via a newly-created Pembroke Media e-mail system operated by and for the same volunteers.


“Elder Savvy” shows were recorded at the Council on Aging, distributed, and promoted.


Connie Michaels continued production of “Color Your World” using privately built studios.


Countless community service hours were earned by high school students who filmed, edited, wrote copy, and produced multiple pieces.


Elementary students participated.


Each and every high school, middle school, and elementary school concert was filmed by one or more volunteers.


Teachers used and are using our videos in class.


Two groups of Tiger Cubs on two different dates came to our studio for “go-and-see-its.”


An award was bestowed upon a Pembroke high school volunteer for his filming of yet another scouting event at St Theclas.


Girl Scouts events were filmed distributed.


Boy Scout events were filmed on multiple occasions by Boy Scout volunteers.


A series of 15 videos were made for and about The First Church in Pembroke.


Our favorite white-haired preacher, Pastor Joe, has a service.


The new Robert Kopper Show of 9 videos is playing on TV in neighboring towns, and being watched across the nation.  We received a phone call from a man in Oregon who said he watched 7 of the WW II videos because they mentioned and showed his late father who also was in Torpedo Night Squadron 90.


And many, MANY other events, videos, etc were and are a product of Pembroke Community Media volunteers' efforts.  So many so, that it's exhausting to think about them all.


So there's your answer to where your shows went. They went to 


What Happened to Pembroke's Bulletin Board?


Most announcements now are sent through Pembroke's e-mail blast.  More urgent messages are delivered via reverse 911.


We, Pembroke Community Media, post them at and at, and also send them to subscribers via e-mail blasts from Catherine Briggettte and Pembroke News. 


Simply go to to click the “subscribe” button.


Nobody Pays for “Membership” at Pembroke Community Media.


What a ridiculous concept.  Pay for the privilege of doing volunteer work?


Pembroke Community Media can be viewed as an alliance of volunteers working together to record and preserve local happenings.  They are the moms, dads, children and elders who live here.